mercredi 25 avril 2012

Forensics tools used for habitele project

Finally we decided to adopt forensics tools to extract data from the mobile phones. We shall use Oxygen Forensics suite 2012, a very powerful software, supporting 4200 phones models. What was important in our choice is the focus that we need on tracking the activity of the user with his/ her contacts from the phone book. Zokem tracker did not provide any information about that and emphasizes the tracking of apps activity (which is  the most valuable information from a marketing point of view). Of course, we'd like to have both types of data and we'll need to develop social sciences oriented applications to do that. Maybe this is what the CNIL (french regulation board on personal data and computing) will develop with INRIA (major research center in computer sciences). This is what I was told during an recent audition I had with this organization about personal data, that are not personal but relational in habitele's framework.

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