mercredi 23 octobre 2013

Mobile subscriptions and unique mobile users

All statistics must be controlled and the figures about mobile subscriptions need to be checked out in order to estimate the number of individual users. Our survey has demonstrated this multiequipment trend especially in countries like Nigeria where the commercial conditions for  connections to other operators' subscribers may vary a lot: three mobile phones per subscriber are not unfrequent. This is why the tables in this report can relate the 6.4 billion subscriptions to the 4.5 billion unique users (estimate).

dimanche 26 mai 2013

Habitele international conference Paris 30-31 May

On 30-31May at Sciences Po, we organize the international conference about habitele with all the teams that produced the data for the survey. Yes, the survey on the field is over, finally! We've got a huge database and the first dataprocessing is taking place thanks to  the cooperation of François Weber from ENSAI junior entreprise  ( a famous statistics School). People from Korea, India, Nigeria, Tunisia, Brazil, USA, UK and France will meet and exchange their results and experiences, tell us more about their case studies and test the hypotheses of the ANR project habitele.
This conference is sponsored by the "Pole de Compétitivité" Cap Digital.
Here are the pictures of participants at the entrance of the médialab when Bruno Latour came and visited us. We had fun, international friendship, good papers on case studies, and plenty of insights about how to go on with such an amount of data all of us collected. Stay tuned!

How the cell phone encapsulates more and more on line activity

The Pew Internet And American Life Project always delivers well documented surveys and this one should not be missed. The question is what activity and especially online activity could escape being processed through a cell phone? Ok, I agree, we're not using Catia on our phones, these  are professional tools that require large screens and a huge computing power. But all our everyday online activity will be accessible with our cell phones creating this habitat we call habitele.

samedi 6 avril 2013

FB Home: how to inhabit our habitele


What if Facebook red our habitele hypothesis and designed "Home" along our insights? Our survey (by the way, it is almost over now in the 7 countries) demonstrates the importance of the customization of phones home pagse. Our survey was also designed for assessing the role of the phonebooks and of contacts on personal activity (and not for tracking applications use, because we are more connected through social navigation than anything else). These 2 features are exactly the ones implemented on Facebook Home. The name itself (Home) could be a good start for understanding how we inhabit our phones.  This is why habitele framework leads the way for new innovations and not only for academic purposes. But there are many other findings that Facebook did not considered!! Stay tune! Our international conference in Paris in May will give more fuel to these insights!

mercredi 13 mars 2013

From personal data to transactional data

The Wordl Economic Forum report  "unlocking the value of personal data" is fascinating and addressing the right issues. But still it misses the fact that these data are not so personal and rather transcational and this diagram immediately displays it. Nevertheless, it is still the concept of personal data that will flourish...

dimanche 10 février 2013

When artists understand better habitele: Liu Bolin inhabiting cell phones

The chinese artist Liu Bolin is famous for his paintings/ performances where he disappears within the landscape surrounding him. His painting  where he fades away in a phone shop window is demonstrating how art may help us get to the theoretical point sometimes better than lengths of scientific pages. This might be the reason why I wrote a theater piece " Fragments d'un discours numérique", which deals with habitele and will be played at the Aleph Theater in Ivry sur Seine starting from March 23rd. Stay tuned... !