samedi 25 juin 2011

Mobile Life : data and visualisation tools

Here is a TNS web site displaying in a very fancy mode the results of an international survey by TNS on mobile uses, including the various apps use and the time of the day, allowing to compare countries uses profiles (another part is dedicated to the purchase behaviour). Very useful for habitele. Let's be as clever as TNS at designing data visualisation interfaces for habitele!!

vendredi 17 juin 2011

Zokem: the mobile tracker we were looking for!

Unbelievable!! Zokem! Look at this new set of applications that can be used to track the behaviour of users on their smartphones: exactly what we planned to do in our project Habitele. This powerful tool must be part of our protocol
Here is an impressive slideshare about a study Zokem conducted in Finland using their tracker.

mercredi 15 juin 2011

Habitele and its domains

Habitele acts as a new envelop, where all our affiliations may become assembled (this has to be tested empirically) on a set of devices that we carry on our body. But the various kinds of affiliations must be accounted for, all the social spheres in which some personal identities are used and exchanged. Five domains of affiliations were designed in order to gather the ressources and devices in a more simple profile. Note that another component of habitele is not displayed here and will not be tested in the project, for feasability limits: the social sphere of tastes, the one that is displayed when we carry OUR music and OUR books.

The Habitele project workplan

The project was delivered to ANR (French National Research Agency) call for proposals 'Sociétés innovantes" for the end of May. Here is the workplan chart