samedi 22 octobre 2011

Project Habitele selected by ANR

The "Habitele" project has been selected by the French National Research Agency ANR (call "sociétés innovantes") and will be funded starting January 2012. Great news! More details to follow!

lundi 10 octobre 2011

Survey "our mobile planet"

A new survey (our mobile planet) by Ipsos, Google and MMA (mobile marketing association) on mobile uses. Data are available but what for if you do not have a theoretical framework to understand the process at stake? But let's use what we can in that survey!

dimanche 9 octobre 2011

How the personalization effort made by Google and by Facebook may place them as the gatekeepers of our preferences and of our social worlds, without giving us any grip on it. Watch this TED conference. How an habitele theory can help keep in mind the importance of the social worlds diversity which we are connected to and the importance of staying in control of our shifting and commuting power (open to other bubbles and not enclosed in our small bubble)